Robert Thomas, Energy Project Manager

Robert Thomas is the Energy Project Manager for the City of Newark’s Office of Sustainability in the Economic and Housing Development Department.  His job primarily focuses on developing the City’s energy program that seeks to reduce Municipal energy consumption and educate residents and the business community of how they can save money on their utility bills. Things as simple as turning off the light switch when you leave a room or turning off your computer before you go to bed can make a difference on your annual utility bill, especially during these tough economic times.

While working with the Office of Sustainability, Robert would like to see a behavioral and cultural change in Newark so that residents have a better understanding of where energy comes from and why energy conservation should be a priority in our everyday lives. He believes that if people are equipped with the correct information to reduce energy consumption, they will see the benefit in making the change to become environmental stewards that will have not only an individual financial impact but also environmental and societal impacts as well.

Though far from retirement, Robert hopes to leave a lasting impression on the evolution of Newark’s Green Future by being an integral part in the development of an energy strategic plan for residents and businesses and a comprehensive municipal energy efficiency program for the City of Newark. Robert has already inspired me to make some behavior change in terms of my energy use.  I am now doing simple tasks such as turning the lights off when I leave a room, not letting the air conditioner run all night and turning my computer off when I am finished using it. By preforming these tasks plus more we can save about of 85% of energy and save money on you next electricity bill.


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