Mahima Giri, Sustainability Program Manager

Mahima Giri is the Sustainability Program Manager of the City of Newark’s Sustainability Office.  Before Mahima came to work for the Sustainability Office she was a student at NJIT studying Engineering Science. Mahima became an Intern for the Sustainability Office back in 2010 and this is what started her career with the Sustainability Office. Her job mainly focuses on waste reduction, recycling, and planting trees. While all three of these topics are interesting, the topic I found most interesting was the waste reduction. While talking about waste reduction Mahima introduced me to the beauty of food composting.

Composting Composting is the process of recycling wasted food and forming it into a rich soil known as compost. The two common types of composting includes using worms or wood chips while you leave food waste mixed in with the worms or wood, after a two weeks it forms a rich soil that can be used in your garden.

Recycling Did you know that a majority of the materials Newark residents throw into the dumpster can be recycled into new products? For example old boxes that you throw away can be reused to make a pen or used newspaper can be made into

a pencil, but most importantly, the more trash that is not burned helps air pollution, your health, the environment and creates more jobs. New jobs can be created if residents participate in recycling. The city would need drivers, sorters, Mechanics, Technicians, Machinery workers, material recovery facility managers, route managers and sales representatives.  There are many positive outcomes from recycling if everyone contributes.  Mahima’s goal is to see 100% participation from the residents of Newark in recycling and composting. After talking to Mahima I plan taking steps to recycle more and compost food.

If you are interested in recycling jobs in New Jersey, check out these sites:,+nj,-NJ-jobs.html


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