2014 Adopt-A-Lot Season

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This year 74 city-owned vacant properties were beautified by Newark residents and community members. By voluntarily caring for these city lots for one year, participants of the Adopt-A-Lot program have contributed to the revitalization of Newark’s neighborhoods. The program provides a unique opportunity for all members of the community, young and old, to become civically engaged and assume leadership roles in their neighborhoods. Many Adopt-A-Lot lessees have gone beyond cleaning lots and transformed vacant city property into vital public spaces by producing food for their own consumption or donation, teaching composting, hosting memorials for neighbors, and gatherings for NJ Peace Action receptions and National Night Outs.

You can view a map of 59 locations of lots adopted by individuals on this map

and lots adopted by our partner, the Greater Newark Conservancy on the map in this blog from April 2014.

The largest grouping of parcels adopted through the program is the four-year-old Court Street Urban Farm adopted by the Greater Newark Conservancy and maintained with the City of Newark’s Clean & Green Program.

Visit an album of lots photographed this year by clicking here. Comments or questions welcome.

PicasaMapFinally, stay tuned for more information about the Adopt-A-Lot hub and ambassador pilot program funded by the Victoria Foundation.


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